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Why Choose ART Fertility Clinics?

Our physicians focus on understanding the root cause of your infertility issues and design specific treatment plans to suit your needs. This includes understanding your medical history, lifestyle, endocrine profile, doing detailed sperm analysis, and Ultrasound.
Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART) embodies our core thesis of providing our patients the latest proven medical technologies in the field of Human Reproduction. We currently have forty-one (41) areas of active investigative research.
At ART Fertility Clinics, we strongly believe in evidence-based medicine and our physicians and embryologists follow this doctrine diligently. All our clinicians and embryologists are alumni of distinguished Medical and Human Reproduction programs including ESHRE certifications.
At ART Fertility Clinics, we have designed the most efficient facility layouts to ensure patient safety and the best medical outcomes. We have invested in the latest and most technologically advanced infrastructure including incubators, Microscopes, Next Generation Sequencer and more such equipment that bring accuracy to your testing process.

What makes ART Fertility Clinics unique?

  • Clinical Excellence

    Delivering Highest Pregnancy Success Rates

  • Advanced Technology

    The Most Advanced Equipment and Infrastructure

  • Innovation

    Services backed by Science and Research

  • Affordable & Transparent

    Full Disclosure & Highest Ethical Standards

  • Compassionate

    Patient Satisfaction with Care & Safety


State-of-the-Art Clinics and World-Renowned Doctors

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Dr. Parul Katiyar
Co-Medical Director India
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Dr. Sreshtha Sagar Tanwar
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Dr. Azadeh Patel
Clinical Lead Ahmedabad
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Dr. Vivek Kakkad
Scientific Director India
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Dr. Dakshayani
Clinical Director, Chennai
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Dr. Erika Patel
Clinical Lead Chennai
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Dr. Hema Vaithianathan
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Dr. Gurpreet Singh Kalra
Medical Director India
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Dr. Meenakshi Dua
Clinical Director Gurugram
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Dr.Richa Jagtap
Co-Medical Director India
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Dr. Shilpa Saple
Clinical Lead Mumbai
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Dr. Alia Reddy
Senior Consultant
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In your journey,
choose only the best!

At ART Fertility Clinics we provide the most comprehensive range of services to cover all the requirements at a Fertility clinic including in-house blood lab, consultations & treatments.

Why are our customers so happy?

Because we bring science, safety &
success to our patients
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